How to Choose Original Adidas Sport Shoes

Choosing sports shoes is not difficult. The hard part is when you have to distinguish original and artificial products. For this reason, Katespadeoutlets gives you tips and tricks so you can still get original Adidas products. Here are some products that we recommend specifically for you.

For urban communities, sports are no longer just a means to maintain fitness, but have become a lifestyle. Therefore, sports equipment such as shoes, can also not be separated from famous and quality brands. Thankfully if these shoes also offer a price that is quite attractive to the contents of the bag. One brand of sports shoes with a brand that has been trusted for decades is Adidas.

This brand of German-made shoes has been established since the 1920s. These shoes have become mandatory for the German national team players. Apart from soccer and futsal shoes, Adidas also has many shoe variants for other sports. Like for running and jogging. The quality of Adidas sports shoes is not inferior to Nike made in the United States.

For all shoes of its products, including running shoes, Adidas has a technology called climacool and energy boost that is applied to the main material of shoes. So that the running shoes made by Adidas have good durability, smooth air circulation, and of course comfortable to wear for hours.

Regarding lifestyle, you also want to be the center of attention when you are in fitness, right? Well for women who want to always be the center of attention, Adidas has one product that is made specifically for active women. These shoes are named Adidas Stellasport Yvori Shoes.

To make the Yvori Shoes Stellasport shoe series, Adidas specifically collaborates with Stella McCartney. The result is the creation of sports shoes that are very attractive design but still comfortable to wear. Because the material used is classified as special as the inside that uses materials that are comfortable with unique lacing that is not in other brands’ shoes.

The low cut shape makes the wearer’s appearance look different but still attractive. In addition, the center can be arranged according to our wishes. Will it tie tightly to the foot shell or just moderate ties.

Surely by using Yvori Shoes’s Adidas Stellasport, women will still look cool and always be the center of attention.

Tips for Choosing Good Adidas Sport Shoes

Who is not proud to be able to wear famous brand shoes when exercising? Especially if the shoes you use are unique products and rarely owned by people. The enthusiasm for exercise can also increase dramatically.

But convince you if the shoes you use are original products and not fake? The price of original sports shoes is relatively expensive. The average price is currently not less than 1 million rupiah. Therefore, before you are embarrassed because you are caught wearing fake shoes, it is better to read and understand the characteristics and ways of knowing an original shoe.

Tips for Knowing Original Adidas Shoes

Look at the mold and color of the shoe box
Original shoes will definitely be stored in a box. In this box there is a print containing various information about the shoe. The box material will be nice and the color is strong, not faded. This is the characteristics of the original shoe box.
Look at the label on the shoe tongue
Original shoes will have a production number on the shoe tongue. This number must be the same as printed in the shoe box. In addition, the right shoe will have a different code from the left shoe.
Logo stitching
In original shoes, the shoe stitches especially on the logo will look neat and symmetrical. On the other hand, artificial shoes are not neat stitching quality.
Shape of outsole
Original shoes will have different shapes and patterns on each product. It’s good that you are familiar with the original shoe outsole pattern before buying. So when you find a different pattern, you can doubt its authenticity.

The easiest way to ensure that the shoes you buy are original products is to buy them at an official outlet. At present Adidas already has official outlets in various malls in many major cities in Indonesia. Usually, this official store is large and only sells Adidas products.

Even if it’s not in an official outlet, you can also find original products in well-known department stores. However, usually variations in the product are not as many as in official outlets.

What if someone offers original products online? If you buy online, you cannot check the authenticity of the product directly. There are risks that must be borne if you buy online. Except, if you buy it at the official Adidas online store. But if you can get a guarantee if the product sold is not genuine and your money is returned, it’s okay to try. But remember, there are still risks.

Some Differences of Original Adidas Shoes with Fake Adidas

In each original shoe, the label size on the shoe tongue is made of pressed rubber instead of being sewn or screened. In addition there is a production code number set on the label. The original Adidas shoes will have different numbers for right and left. This number will also be exactly the same as the one in the shoe box.
The original Adidas shoe outsole is made of soft but durable material. The quality of gluing and pressing will look different from the less neat KW product.
Adidas shoes are only made in Indonesia, Vietnam, China and India. Unfortunately, there are now many KW products that also have the “Made in” label from these 4 countries. Therefore, to ensure authenticity again check the production code number.

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